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埃里克森校友中心(1992年)是伯大尼校友关系办公室的所在地, 发展办公室, 教会关系办公室和通讯办公室. 它还设有校友会室,威尔金会客室和马丁客房.

原来是麦克林-麦克阿瑟住宅综合体的一部分, it was completely reconstructed as the result of a gift from noted 西维吉尼亚州 philanthropist Charles O. 埃里克森. His generosity made the creation of alumni centers possible at colleges and universities throughout 西维吉尼亚州.

The Council Room and the Wilkin Parlor are available for alumni meetings free of charge. 校友中心有七间卧室. 两间客房共用一间私人浴室. 所有房间都可以使用中心的厨房. 校友可以在中心住宿,每晚收费30美元.

预定,预定预定过夜住宿或会议场所, 请致电304与校友关系办公室联络.829.7723或发电子邮件至 alumni@ttbc8888.com.


洛丽·韦弗 joined 网上十大正规赌网址大全 in February 2020 as its Associate Vice 总统 of Major Gifts and Campaign Operations and has since accepted the position of 市场营销机构发展副总裁 and 通信.

洛里出生在亨廷顿, WV and earned her bachelor’s degree from West Liberty University in speech pathology and audiology, 辅修教育学和心理学. 她来到宝大尼有超过22年的筹款经验. 最近, she served as the Executive Director of Campaigns and Advancement Operations at Washington & 杰斐逊学院位于宾夕法尼亚州华盛顿.

洛里很高兴看到她的办公室的工作直接对学生产生了影响. 感谢校友和捐赠者的慷慨捐助, Bethany is able to provide unique experiences and financial support to students that wouldn’t be possible without them. 洛里喜欢每天下班时都知道自己有所作为.

可以通过以下方式联系到洛里 LWeaver@ttbc8888.com or 304.829.7284.

莉斯短 joined the 网上十大正规赌网址大全 family in October 2020 as the Director of Philanthropic Gifts. 在这个角色中, Liz will be meeting with alumni and friends of Bethany to solicit donations to support the students and mission of the college.

莉兹在西弗吉尼亚州的韦伯斯特县长大. She earned her BA in Public Relations at WV Wesleyan College and later her MA in Higher 教育 at the University of Delaware.

Liz has spent her career either working with college students or working to support them in advancement roles. 作为第一代大学生, Liz believes that college is a transformational experience that any student with the aptitude and desire should have the opportunity to experience, 不管社会经济地位如何. 她很高兴能把自己的经验和热情带到十大老品牌网赌网址大全!

你可以打304找到莉兹.829.7281 or lshort@ttbc8888.com.

Haddae艾伦 joined the team in August of 2023 in the role of 发展和前景协调员.

哈达伊来自维也纳, 西维吉尼亚州, and graduated from 网上十大正规赌网址大全 in May of 2023 with a degree in 会计 and a minor in Finance. 在加入团队之前, Haddae在市场营销领域完成了几次实习, 税务会计, 和审计. She is currently completing her Master’s of 业务 Administration from 西维吉尼亚州 University.

办公室之外, Haddae enjoys coaching club volleyball and attending concerts. 她活跃于基督的门徒部,并有一只狗,蒂莉.

你可以在 hallen@ttbc8888.com or 304.829.7869.

谢尔比•戴维斯 joined the team at 网上十大正规赌网址大全 in June of 2022 as the 媒体和公共关系总监 and is excited to be here.

在伯大尼学院之前, Shelby was a news anchor for WTRF-TV and worked in the automotive industry as a 社交媒体 director.

Shelby was born and raised in the 俄亥俄州 Valley and is a 2019 graduate of 西维吉尼亚州 University’s Reed College of Media. 她在那里的时候, 她是WVU新闻的主要主播,也是WVU竞技啦啦队的一员, 她在哪里帮助她的团队获得了全国第二名.

Outside of work, Shelby can be seen with her three Goldendoodles—Sahara, Rubicon (Rubi), and Willow. 你也可以看到她在垫子上教孩子们翻滚!

可以通过电话联系谢尔比 谢尔比.davis@ttbc8888.com or 304.975.0522.

德诺·埃米利,78年 年1月回到母校. 2022年,结束了商业地产的职业生涯.

Deno most recently worked as legal counsel and compliance officer with Fraport USA in Pittsburgh. He previously worked with multiple real estate service providers after starting his career in Pittsburgh at General Nutrition Centers, 公司.

宝大尼社区的活跃分子, Deno has served as an adviser to the active men of Beta Theta Pi for more than 25 years, 最近又成为了女子垒球队的赞助人.

He works with the 网上十大正规赌网址大全 advancement team and alumni council to engage Bethanians of all ages with activities, 通信, 服务机会.

可以通过以下方式与德诺取得联系 demili@ttbc8888.com or 304.829.7633.

长期在大学工作 雪莉·坎普十大老品牌网赌网址大全交往了45年. Shirley’s smile, wit and calm are instrumental to the success of the advancement office. Prior to coming to institutional advancement, she served the admission office for ten years. 她是记录的“保管人”, responsible for gift entry and reporting as well as monitoring data input and pulling the many lists for the Bethany community.

办公室之外, 雪莉喜欢和特奥会一起工作, 他喜欢打高尔夫球,并活跃于卡斯尔曼的联合卫理公会教堂. She is also an active volunteer for Our 英语 Setter Rescue and has two loyal 英语 Setters, 查理和米娅.

可以打304找到雪莉.829.7485 or skemp@ttbc8888.com.

艾米丽·卢克 是宝达尼学院的营销执行总监 & 通信, 来自《摩根敦自治领邮报, 她在那里做了两年的多媒体记者. 最初来自宾夕法尼亚州的佩里奥波利斯., Emily以优异的成绩毕业于广州马龙大学, 俄亥俄州, 她在哪里主修公共关系. She was the video editor for the student newspaper and was a public relations intern for the Stark County Hunger Task Force and Peanut Free Zone.

办公室之外, Emily spends her free time reading and furthering her skills in photography and videography.

可以通过以下方式联系艾米丽 eluke@ttbc8888.com.

Erikka桑塞姆 joined the 网上十大正规赌网址大全 Athletic Department as the 体育传播总监 in November of 2018.

在伯大尼, Sansom oversees athletic 通信 efforts and is the primary contact for 22 NCAA Division III varsity programs, 包括媒体关系, 比赛日功能, 现场统计数据, 社交媒体, 网站(BethanyBison).网站),出版物和现场活动视频制作. 她也是该部门行政人员中的一员.

在宝达尼之前, 桑索姆在惠灵的奥古斯塔·利维学习中心担任行为治疗师, W.Va. 在ALLC, 她和自闭症学生一起工作, 提供密集的一对一治疗,以提高社会, 学术, 学生的沟通和独立生活能力.
Sansom received her Bachelor’s degree in 健康 and Physical 教育 from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford and holds a Master’s degree in Special 教育 Birth-8th Grade from Slippery Rock University. 她在皮特-布拉德福德的时候, Sansom was a student-athlete and got her start in the athletic 通信 field where she worked with the sports information staff during the home athletic events.

After graduation, Sansom has dedicated a lot of time in athletics throughout her career. Sansom coached high school basketball and softball for three years before joining Elmira College’s softball staff. 最近, Sansom spent the 2016-2017 softball season learning under 网上十大正规赌网址大全 icon Jan Forsty.

你可以在 esansom@ttbc8888.com.

安娜Winesdoerffer joined the 网上十大正规赌网址大全 family in November 2022 as a 通讯及市场推广协调员.

安娜是土生土长的西弗吉尼亚人,尽管她一生中的大部分时间都在俄亥俄州的坎顿度过. 她是圣弗朗西斯大学希尔兹商学院的2022届毕业生, 她在那里获得了市场营销学士学位, 辅修心理学. 她在圣弗朗西斯的时候, 安娜是他们的一级长曲棍球项目的成员两年. 她也是学生报纸的学生作家, 学生运动员导师, 并参与了多项社会正义运动.

She has been quick to fall into the role of promoting Bethany’s mission and goals to provide the best experience for current students and alumni while upholding the institution’s values. 安娜期待着看到办公室对野牛社区的直接影响.

你可以在 awinesdoerffer@ttbc8888.com.